Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Car Update

I had the rental all week last week. I turned it in Saturday and picked up my car, which is still not fixed. So after two new parts, they have decided it is a fluid that goes in the transfer case. Don't ask me what that is; I have no idea. I am back there on Friday for two hours to have the fluid from the transfer case replaced. The only bad thing is that the girls are out of school. Luckily there is a mall and K-Mart within walking distance. I will have to put the "No" Mommy on duty that day.

I tell you... I get so tired of saying "no" all the time and watching their faces fall. I tell them they wouldn't have to deal with disappointment if they didn't ask for everything when we went to a store to "LOOK". They still don't get the meaning of just "looking".

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