Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

That's right... Today, I turn "36". I have had a very good day. Myron and the girls gave me cards and the printshop software this morning. I did a little shopping by myself after drop-off. Of course, only Target is open that early in the morning. After I knew other stores were open, I ventured to Michaels, TJMaxx, Ross, Halloween Superstore, and Shoe Carnival. I just walked around, tried on a few things and enjoyed the alone time. I then met five friends for lunch. We went to Rezaz (?). I have never been there but it was very good. It is a Mediterranean restaurant. They bought my lunch and shared a piece of very delicious chocolate cake with me. I got a card, flowers and a shirt. I feel very blessed to have such thoughtful friends.

I am usually a little depressed on my birthday each year. I guess I let things get to me that shouldn't. I wasn't at all excited about this day yesterday. But I have to say that it has definitely turned out to be a good day. The topping on the cake will be if Myron comes home at a decent hour tonight. That will be a very nice surprise.

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Tonya Roberts said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY my friend! Hope your day was just fantastic, fun and amazing! And that your whole next year will be too! Hugs from the desert!