Monday, January 19, 2009


I was reminded today of a "counseling" session I had last week with one of our priest. His name is Father (Fr.) Bill. I felt like I was in confession which I probably need to go to for the feelings I have about certain things. Unfortunately, I cannot go into great details regarding these frustrations (has nothing to do with the hubby or the kids). Anyway, the lesson learned was this... Don't let them take your peace. When you feel you are about to lose your peace, you leave. It is just putting the whole "turn the other cheek" into action.

So the next time you feel the frustration building... remember only you can control what happens to your peace. The other person has no idea they are even taking it; therfore, it falls in your hands to try with every fiber of your being to maintain. And that would mean turning to prayer and asking God to help you maintain the peace.

Today I am thankful for Fr. Bill. He always makes me think of the other side and he is very compassionate. Plus, he loves to joke around and that helps at work. Thank Fr. Bill!

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