Thursday, January 8, 2009

Today is Thursday

We have had some very beautiful Spring weather here in the mountains for the last week or so. Then on either Monday night or Tuesday, it started raining. It rained for two or more days pretty much straight ... which we desperately needed. I am not complaining one bit. But the temperatures have been in the mid to upper 50's since ... well I just don't remember ... for a while now. Then on Wednesday morning we woke up to our high for the day which was around 57. The temperatures slowly dropped through the day and by 3:00 that afternoon, it was snowing.

The girls had choir practice from 5 until 5:45. So we set out for home around 5:50. There were snow flurries falling when we left Asheville. But when we got off the interstate, it was really coming down. And not just flurries, there were huge flakes. They were larger than the size of a quarter. I had to be careful driving because I just couldn't see the road. Well, I could see the road but only right in front of me. If I tried to look too far ahead, I focused in on the snowflakes and couldn't see the road. It was like I was sitting still and the scenery was going by ... like being in one of those rides at a theme park. It was also like being in Star Wars when they shoot off into hyperspace (or whatever it is) and the stars blur because they are traveling so fast ... only the snowflakes weren't blurred and I was definitely not driving fast. I tried to take some pictures but I couldn't catch the scene I was seeing. It was just beautiful.

It snowed on and off today at the house. But Asheville was pretty much clear skies. I even I had to put my sunglasses on.

I am hoping for a delay tomorrow. Surely, the roads will be frozen from all the precipitation today. I can only hope.

Not really much going on other than driving the girls around this week and working. I have had so much to catch up at work. Plus, all the end of year reports that have to go out to contributors. I also am in clean out mode there. I have been throwing things away and finding things that I had forgotten about. It feels good to purge. Now if I could just do that at home, I would really be doing good. But this house is a lot bigger than my tiny office at work.

Well, Myron finally came home. I better get up and start acting like I have been doing something other than playing on the computer. Ha Ha Ha

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