Monday, December 15, 2008


I feel on the verge of cracking. Tonya, you will never know how good you made the loony bin sound. That absolutely sounded like a piece of Heaven to me. I do not want to have to think, decide, or do anything. I have lost my Christmas Spirit and am unsure how to even go about finding it.

Actually, I know what some of my problem is ... I'm tired ... very tired. I really felt this morning like I had just gone to bed and I was getting up. I need a good, looooong night's sleep. So hopefully tonight, I can go to bed early ... maybe right after I put the girls to bed. That sounds really good right now. That's where being heavily sedated would come in very helpful.

I am very glad that I don't have to cook dinner tonight. Myron grilled out last night so all I have to do is reheat everything. YEAH!!! There is something to be thankful for and feel genuinely happy about.

I hope that soon I will have something positive and uplifting to write about. I am actually tired of hearing myself complain. Maybe I will start blogging about something I find to be thankful for each day. There is an assignment for me. Plus, it will make me blog on a daily basis. We'll see.....

Until another day.....

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Tonya Roberts said...

Oh, bless your heart! Hang in there my friend! This too, shall pass!!!!