Friday, December 26, 2008

There are TWO today

I have two thankful thoughts today. One really isn't so thankful but I am trying to find the good. The first thankful thought is returned Christmas cards. It just wouldn't be Christmas without at least one coming back. It never fails... every year one card comes back to me usually because I forgot to put a stamp on it. This year, however, it is because someone moved and didn't tell me. Thank you Sheena. So they probably didn't send me a card because I didn't send them one. But I did ... the forwarding has expired. To the Hunter family... you will be getting a card only a little late.

My second thankful thought are in-laws. They are traveling up today to spend a few days with us during the holiday. I am very thankful they are making the 9-10 hour trip this year instead of us. Not a very nice thing to be thankful for but that is what it is. I pray they have a very safe uneventful trip.

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