Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday Thankful Thought

Today I am thankful for my girls. They can be so cute sometimes. I just downloaded pictures from my camera and saw all the pictures I took while the girls were decorating the tree and pictures I tried to take of them at the Grove Park. I really enjoyed some of them and hope you do too.

Tomorrow's thankful thought will be Family. The girls and I will be traveling to Opelika, AL to spend a few days with my family. Unfortunately, Myron will not be able to go with us. He could but the trip would be too quick. I wanted to have a little more time with my parents. Although, we saw them in October; it was a very quick trip to celebrate Sarah's birthday. This time will be more relaxed ... I hope.
Sunday's thankful thought will be RCBC (Rocky Creek Baptist Church). It was my home church before I joined the Catholic church. I love the people there so much. They have really been good to my family over the last ... um ... 21 years? Is that right? Oh my!!!
I will reflect on Monday and Tuesday next week if I don't get a chance to blog before I get back home.
Now, on to dinner....

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