Monday, December 1, 2008

Snowing .... AGAIN!!!

Maybe school will be out tomorrow. One can only hope. Not that I want the girls to miss any school right now. It will just mean they have to make it up some time and it could mean Spring Break. And I know I don't want that.

I was hoping school would have been closed today. There was talk of a system moving in last night, today, tonight kind of thing. It has snowed on and off all day. This morning was a little scary because there was snow on the driveway. Now, our driveway is pretty steep and just starting out down it is a little overwhelming. I was so scared. I knew I didn't want to slide down the driveway. But we made it safe and sound.

I just wanted one more day of Thanksgiving vacation. A day of not having to get up early. I would have loved to sleep in just one more day. But not today. I had to get up and get going. No laying around for me.

There, Tonya... two updates in one day. How was that?

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Tonya Roberts said...

OUTSTANDING!!!! I feel connected again!