Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Myron!

That's right. Today is my hubby's big day. Unfortunately for him, he had to work but was home before the girls and I ate dinner. So we sat down as a family to eat. I picked him up from work and took him out for lunch, also. He got the movie Dark Knight and a gym system that hooks on the door. I don't know ... it was something he asked for so I bought it.

This has been a very hectic week. The PFA had their annual Santa Shop this week. Two of my very dear friends were chairing it so I was involved a great deal. Between volunteering there, working and trying to get Christmas shopping in, I am frazzled. I am making myself sit down tonight to try to address my Christmas cards. There will be NO letter this year. I just don't have the time or energy to write one out and I don't want to rush something like that.

We did get our tree last Saturday. It is still sitting in my kitchen undecorated. The lights were working and as you have already read, I haven't had the time to work on them. Which means the ornaments can't go on until the lights are on. Myron and I finally switched out the blown bulbs tonight. Hopefully, I can find some time tomorrow to put the lights on and then the girls can decorate on Friday. I still don't have my nativity scene or Christmas village up. I'm thinking it just may have to pass this year. I fell in the Bah Hum Bug mood this year as far as decorating. I just don't feel like finishing it because my house is in such a mess. There is laundry everywhere and dishes piled in the sink and on the counters. There just aren't enough hours in the day. And I don't live close enough to school or work to run home long enough to get a load of laundry going. I have to factor in drive time when planning a trip home. It is really bugging me this week, can you tell?

Let's see... I still have to help Bethany make an instrument and go over spelling words with both girls before Friday. We also have violin tomorrow afternoon. And I have to decide about dinner. Can you believe it? We just finished dinner a few hours ago and I am already having to think about dinner for tomorrow.

Oh, did I post that I hurt my neck? You will never guess how I did it. I ate trail mix. Can you believe it? My jaw felt like I had been chewing a hard piece of gum for hours when I was done eating the trail mix. By that night, my muscles were tightening up and by Tuesday, I couldn't turn my head. It was very painful. But nothing compared to the hurt my Chiro put on me Thursday morning. Oh My Gosh!!! It was worse than childbirth. She kept telling me to breath and I kept asking how was I supposed to do that. It was awful. But I am much better now. Just a little discomfort but much better.

I have got to get in the bed. I am exhausted. These cards will just have to wait another day.

Good Night!

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