Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday Evening

I finally feel like I am coming to the end of the mad rush to make sure everyone has a Christmas present from us. I finally decided to just give up on the niece and nephews and just get them gift cards. Except one, who did give my Mom a list of lots of things. He is getting an actual gift from us. The others can just make due. I am at a loss of what to get teenagers. Their list either doesn't exist or has items too expensive for me.

The tree is finally decorated after sitting in my kitchen for almost a week. As I cooked dinner Friday evening, I put the lights on the tree ... multi-tasking is the only way to get anything done. I got to the last strand of my regular lights. When I plugged it in, only half of the strand worked. UGH!!! They were all working Wednesday night. Bethany decided she wanted to help me and was holding the special lights (just bigger bulbs but I put it on last). Anyway, I guess she got tired of waiting or something because I looked down and there were bulb fragments on my kitchen floor. I just about lost it. Here I was trying to get the tree ready so they could hang the ornaments, I have a strand that only half the lights are working and a strand with broken bulbs on it. Of course, I only had three replacements so that strand went back into storage until I can find the time to buy new bulbs. At this point, I was about to just throw all the Christmas out in the yard and forget it this year. I am at that point right now. BAH HUM BUG!!! Have I said that before?

I am having some of my friends over Tuesday for Breakfast and a Movie. I don't know what movie we are going to watch. I wanted it to be a Christmas movie but I can't seem to make a decision. I will just have to see what Movie Gallery has to offer tomorrow. The part I am more worried about right now is my house. It is a total disaster. I cannot for the life of me find a way to keep it somewhat tidy. Last week was so horrible; although I prayed for a snow day ... a real snow day that closed the schools. I knew it would force me to stay home and then I could have cleaned all day even though the girls would have been here. I can find so many other things to do once I am out dropping the girls off at school. Plus, I had to work. I schedule ministers at our church and had to get the next quarter schedule out.

Of course, that is a whole other issue. I don't even want to go into how uncooperative people can be. It doesn't matter how the schedule goes out someone has to complain about it. Since it is mostly done by e-mail, I think I am going to start ignoring the e-mails. I will read them but not respond to them. I know that sounds unprofessional and maybe a little childish but I can't say what I really want to say like " GROW UP!" "BE PATIENT I AM STILL LEARNING!" "It's a COMPUTER PROGRAM ... I have no control over how often one person is scheduled." "Maybe the computer knows I don't like you so it is not picking you."
Okay Wendy, take a step back. Where is your Christian attitude?
Probably the same place my Christmas Spirit is gone on vacation to. Only they both forgot to take me with them.

I am doing way too much complaining. Let me think of something positive to say... hmmm ... uh ... um ... okay, well... I'm still thinking .... I'll try this. I get to see my parents next weekend. The girls and I are going to head down on Saturday to spend a few days with my family. Myron doesn't have much vacation left since he took a week for the beach and a week for Disney. What time he has will have to be taken when his family is here visiting. So he will be left behind to all the projects he says he doesn't have much time for. It will be nice because we can go to church with my parents on Sunday which I am looking forward to. I think I need a good dose of Baptist preaching, worshipping something right now. I can't seem to find the joy in life. I think I need a break and Christmas will help with that, I hope.

I am sitting here like I have nothing to do. There is laundry, dishes, and clutter just waiting to be dealt with.

Good Night!

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