Thursday, September 4, 2008

Fashion Show

Okay, I have to say that seeing pictures of myself in my new outfits just makes me want to take them ALL back. What a WHALE!!!! I am so embarrassed that I will probably delete these photos after my very dear friends, who wanted to see the outfits on me, view the blog.

This outfit is hard to see. It was the last picture I took. For some reason the last two outftis I took pictures of are blurry. This one and the green jacket with the purple shirt. Sorry about that. This is a pink wrap shirt with brown walking shorts.

This outfit is a jean pant suit. I am not too crazy about the jacket right now.

I am not crazy about the red shirt. It is just too revealing. Although Myron liked the khaki jacket with a cream colored tank under it with these pants.

This is one of my favorites. Can you tell? Bethany told me to smile so I did. I just need to get some knee high black boots. Don't you think?

Myron nor I really liked this jacket once I got home; although, I did like it in the store. Myron and I decided it was the shirt. Like I said before, we both like it better with a different shirt.

Sorry, this one is blurry too.

There is one more outfit. But I wore it Monday. It is a grey sweater with three buttons at the top and a pair of black pants (in the dirty clothes). It's cute. I really like it too.

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