Thursday, September 18, 2008

"Turn the Radio On..."

I posted on Sunday, I think. And forgot to tell a somewhat funny little story. As some of you may know, Myron has been commuting from Mars Hill (where we live) to Flat Rock, NC every work day since December 11 (or so), 2007. This is about an hour drive for him down and an hour back. That is two hours on the road every day ..... without a RADIO!!!! (HA HA HA) Can you imagine two hours stuck in your car with no noise, except maybe the wind blowing through the window if it happens to be down. The funny thing is that it will come on ... just out of the blue for no reason and will play for a few days or hours and then go out again. He spent one afternoon taking it apart and trying to figure out what was wrong. It worked for a few days, then went out again. So, finally a few weeks ago, he decided to replace the radio. We went to Wal-Mart on Sunday, and he bought one. Came home and installed it. Wa-la, it works. He is now jamming out and listening to the radio again. I guess his commutes are a little easier on him. I haven't thought to ask. He has been coming home so late. All these months.......

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