Thursday, September 18, 2008

Happy Birthday, Nana!!!

Today is my Mom's birthday. I'm sad I am not with her to celebrate. The girls are out of school today and tomorrow so we called Nana bright and early this morning to sing Happy Birthday to her. I am still going to try to talk to her again tonight. I want to see what she has to say about her presents. It would have been a great weekend to go see my parents but we are going to be down there in two weeks. Maybe we should have planned Sarah's party for this weekend. But we will be celebrating her day on her actual Birthday. That will be much better.

Of course, the house is totally destroyed because the girls are home. Not that it was in good shape before. But it is MUCH worse now. Tomorrow is definitely going to be a cleaning day ... not only putting things away but throwing things out. It is amazing how much mess they can pull out in just a few minutes. And yes, Mama, I know it is my fault because I don't stay after them to pick up when they are done. But they are playing so well together and it is hard to fuss at them when they are being good. But tomorrow is a NEW day. There will be lots of fussing and complaining coming through these lips.
Here are a few pictures to show how bad the girls' room is right now. I just want to take a huge vacuum cleaner or shovel and get rid of all of it. Of course, I know I am not helping. I took the sheets of their bed to wash today and haven't gotten them put back on. So their covers and pillows are all over. But how overwhelming is this:

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