Monday, September 29, 2008

Yet Another Gas Update & more .....

On Saturday, we received a phone call from other Auburn fans. We have been trying to get together to watch a game without success. I spoke with Courtney last Sunday in church about getting together for this past Saturday's game because it was early and wouldn't interfere with bedtimes. Mark and Courtney have two little girls: 4 years old (I think) and a year old.

Well, my mother raised me right (somewhat). I don't usually go to any one's house without taking something to contribute to the menu. I had already planned to make some spinach & artichoke dip for Myron and I to munch on during the game. So I fixed that. Then we needed to make a dessert. Myron asked that I make a Butterfinger cake which I don't think I have made since we were in Florida. Off to the grocery store he goes, while I get the cake baking. While he was at Ingles, he noticed they had gas and there was no line. Promising, right? We really kind of felt like we were coming out of this gas crisis. Well, we head out to Mark and Courtney's with our two little girls and our food donations. Myron says to me to stop at Ingles to top my tank off even though I had a half a tank. When we pull in, there are bags on the handles and the drives are blocked. We head back across the street to the Shell station where a tanker has just pulled in. There were a few people there but no line. I was glad we stopped because the only two stations at the exit Mark and Courtney lived off of were empty. This is getting so frustrating. One good thing was the D&D just down from our house got gas late Saturday afternoon. And it is much cheaper than some of the other places like the Shell station we filled up at earlier in the day.

Even today, there was only one station with gas out of the six stations I pass going to school. Last week, AB Tech canceled classes from Thursday until Sunday. Buncombe county and Asheville city government offices closed Thursday and Friday (if I remember correctly). Then today Buncombe county and Asheville city schools closed for the day. Some businesses in the area even went to 4 day work weeks. I also heard the all the gas stations were supposed to close yesterday but I don't think they did. I know the D&D was open and I think the Shell station in Weaverville was too.

On a good note, Auburn beat Tennesse on Saturday. On a bad note, Alabama beat Georgia. Alabama is turning out to have a very promising team this year. That is very scary for the Auburn team who is not having a promising year so far. They just cannot seem to get their act together. Better luck next week when they play Vanderbilt.

Sarah turns six on Saturday. We will be traveling to Opelika, AL to have a big family birthday party for her. Myron's family drives up from South Alabama, we drive down, and we meet half way at my parent's house. My parents have been working very hard to remodel parts of their house. They pulled all the carpet, except what is in the bedrooms, and put in hardwood flooring. The whole kitchen received new cabinets, granite counter tops, new appliances and tile flooring. Plus, Mama has been very busy painting all the rooms. Oh, and the bathrooms also got tile flooring and granite counter tops. It will definitely be a transformation for us when we get there Friday night.

I have not had a lot of time to plan Sarah's party. Things have been so stressful. The biggest stress being the gas situation. I have not been driving back and forth between school and home so my house is a total disaster. I can't tell you the last time I dusted, vacuumed, or cleaned the bathrooms. I have swished the toilet but that is all. I am so embarrassed and can't seem to find a way to get out of all this mess. So the party has been the least of my worries this last week. I guess I just think it is going to take care of itself. Luckily, all I have to really do is make sure the pizzas are ordered on Friday. If that is not enough, then oh, well. Because that is about all I can do right now. I still have to go get her a present and party plates. I guess I will take care of that on Wednesday (fingers crossed).

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