Tuesday, September 9, 2008

NC Mountain State Fair

What a blast!!! We had such a good time at the fair. The girls actually got to ride some of the bigger rides. One of them was called the Super Shot. It is similar to a Free Fall. It goes up in the air very slow then drops very fast. The girls sat there and watched it go a few times. Then went running to get on. I wish I had been better prepared with my camera to get a picture of their expressions when it came down. They both had their mouths wide open but you could tell they were holding their breath. They didn't scream once. It was so funny. But then they started smiling and said they didn't want to do that again.

We walked so much back and forth from one end to the other. We ate very greasy, nasty food. The girls each got to play a game. Sarah won a crown and Bethany won a stuffed rose. When Bethany was trying to decide which game she was going to play, she chose based on what toys were given away. Of course, she wanted the biggest thing they had but got the smallest. They have this new system now where you can trade up. For instance, two smalls makes one medium and two mediums makes a large. So we set there and figured up it would take approximately $16 to get a stuffed unicorn the size of a webkinz. I have to say the webkinz are much cuter.

So another year has gone for the fair. We will look forward to it again next year. The girls always have so much fun riding all the rides and going through all the mazes. It really is a great fair.

Here they are on the Carousel.

This was just one of the roller
coasters. There was another
one that was more fun, but this
one was faster. The little girl
sitting behind the girls is Brittany. Her
Daddy works for Myron, and she
is Bethany's age. So they had
a playmate some of the time.

This is a picture of the Super Shot.
I took it through a glass that is why
it is a little foggy.

This is the other roller coaster.
It was a caterpillar.

And we couldn't go without a
ride on the slide.

The girls take a little trip hang

They even went through the
scary ride all by themselves.
What brave little girls!

Of course, we couldn't leave
without taking a spin on the ponies.

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