Sunday, September 14, 2008

Goings On...

I am surprised to see that my friend, Tonya, has not been after me to update my posts. But after reading her blog, I realized why. Her life is crazy as always.

The biggest thing going on with me is trying to be a healthier me. I am not going to call it a diet because it is not. It is a new eating plan. A plan that is going to help me be a healthier person. I did get on the scale Friday and was 3 pounds lighter. Which is very good. Monday is the official weigh-in. The number that gets reported in my book. I will be interested to see what the scale has to say tomorrow. Anyway, I did get 4 days of walking in this week which I am very proud of. My Chiropractor will be very excited to hear this news since she has been asking me to walk for about 6 months now.

I do want to talk a little about a football game that was played yesterday: Auburn vs. Miss State. I have to say that game actual sucked and that Auburn really deserved to lose (although, they didn't). The did win 3-2. I will be greatly surprised if my parents still have a TV the next time we visit. I am sure my Dad had a few words to throw towards it if not a shoe. And the 2 points Miss State did get was given to them by Auburn. Because there was a holding penalty in the end zone. Holding... this is a penalty I don't really understand. But these boys know they are not supposed to do it yet they do. I can't tell you how many yards Auburn lost yesterday for "holding". I mean, really, how else are they supposed to stop the defense if they don't put their hands on them to stop the guy from getting by. I just don't get it. But WHATEVER, no on asked my opinion. And the other thing that "got my goat" is there would be a flag on a play that was awesome. Chris Todd threw some amazing passes yesterday and the receivers ACTUALLY caught them (that was a miracle in itself). But then it would be called back because one of the offensive lineman would have a penalty called on him. Sometimes holding; sometimes something else. Just pure stupidness.

So next Saturday, Auburn plays LSU. I do not hold out much hope that Auburn will win. In fact, I believe they will get creamed. There is a teacher at the girls' school that is an LSU fan. So we do lots of talking. Just today we ran into her and hubby at Wal-Mart. One good thing I heard out of their mouth today is that LSU has never won at Jordan-Hare. But there is always a FIRST. And there is the fact that Auburn will plan and practice a little differently for this game than last week's. I will still cheer them on and throw a few of my own words at the TV if I have to. It's a shame I can't call someone up and yell in their ear ... someone that it would matter to ... like the COACH or even a player.

One more thing, I don't know how gas is in your area, but it is unreal here. I do believe I remember someone saying that it would get over $4 before the end of summer. This is definitely the highest it has been for us. It was a little amazing and scary to see how fast it all went up. We had an article in the local paper on Tuesday saying the pipeline would be shut down and that if you hadn't gotten gas that day, expect the prices to be higher on Wednesday. But they weren't. They didn't go up until Friday. I have to share this because it absolutely blew my mind. We have a little gas station, actually two, just down from our house. But there is only one I want to mention right now. On Thursday gas was $3.75 a gallon at this little store. Friday after walking, I came home to shower. When I passed the station at about 9:20 a.m., gas was at $3.84 a gallon. Okay, so that wasn't so bad. When I passed the station less than an hour later around 10:15 a.m., gas was at $4.75. OUTRAGEOUS!!!! I was shocked, totally shocked. I couldn't believe that they would go that high. Now I understand the whole supply and demand thingy from economics but that is taking it a little too far. No one else has gotten that high. The next highest is $4.39. I don't know how they determine who is price gouging, but it would seem to me that this little store might be pushing the boundaries. Just my thoughts.

Okay, enough for tonight. I have got to finish dinner and get my girls ready for bed. Back to school for just three days this week.

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