Thursday, September 4, 2008


Well, it is that time of year again ... Allergy Season. Bethany is so stuffed up. I guess it started on Monday when we were heading home from South Alabama. She started sneezing. Then yesterday she came home with a red nose although she said it wasn't running, just itchy and she kept rubbing it. Then she was up at 4:45 this morning crying because her nose was running and she was tired of wiping it because her nose hurt so bad. I don't believe she went back to sleep. So when I picked her up this afternoon from school, she was very whiny and said she didn't feel good. She isn't running a fever which means she can go to school. She did inform me today that if she still feels this bad tomorrow, she is not going to school. We will just see about that, Miss Priss.

Oh, I have to share this story. Last year when Bethany was in 1st grade, the class adopted a guinea pig, Maybelle. All the kids loved her and fed her every day. Bethany's best friend, Mason, really has a love for animals. I'm not sure how she did it but Mason talked her Mom into buying a guinea pig for the 2nd grade class. Luckily, Mrs. Barcafer (the teacher) okayed this donation. So the guinea pig was delivered to class yesterday. The class voted on a name. You will never guess what it is ... Rascal ... and it is a female guinea pig. Oh awful!!!! Bethany was so upset. Today, I found out Mason was too.

In the 1st grade classroom this year, they have a guinea pig, Maybelle; a lion eared (?) rabbit, Mr. Whiskers; a turtle, Sherman (I think); and a fish (I don't remember his name). It is a regular zoo in there. Mrs. Edwards (the teacher) put the guinea pig and the rabbit in the same cage. Did you get the names? That's right... a male rabbit and a female guinea pig in the same cage together. I guess the class will be having a little biology lesson some time during the year. Ha Ha Ha. Of course, if it actually happens, I won't be laughing. I will keep you updated.

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carolina chic said...

Blair was upset about the name and that Mason wanted to name the pet since it would be hers.