Sunday, September 7, 2008

Kid Complaints

I guess one day I will get on here and actually praise my kids. But NOT tonight!!!

The girls played very well together today until right before dinner. You see, they have been collecting these little dogs from the machines at the grocery store. They have a lot and I don't know who got what. Does it really matter? Can't they just share them? No, which begins the fight. There is one dog that they both say is theirs. Just one. And unfortunately there isn't a duplicate like some of the others. So one is crying and heartbroken and the other is hiding it when she can get her hands on it.

Now, I don't ever remember acting like this when I was younger. I remember sharing all my toys with my brother. Yes, Mama, I know you are getting a good laugh off that one. Just kidding. I know my brother and I fought like cats and dogs growing up. He probably still has scars to prove it.

The point is: I just always have a hard time dealing with situations like this because who do you believe. So I end up taking the item away and saying "Now, it is mine!"

On another note... I weighed last week, I think it was Friday. What a scary sight!!! I started a new eating plan back in January and lost 18 pounds. Between March and now, I have gained 13 of them back. I am not too happy with myself. But I have a hard time resisting some foods. I do good the first part of the day and fall of the wagon in the afternoon. So, I got my plan out today and printed out the journal part so I can start over again tomorrow. I just haven't been feeling good lately. I was really feeling good and energized while I was on the eating plan. I would really like to get that feeling back again. So tomorrow morning (with fingers crossed), I am back on it. I am also going to try very hard to walk at least three times this week if not more.

Of course, my first barricade to get through tomorrow is my car. On Friday, the cruise wouldn't set then a light came on "ESC OFF". This is my stability control light. Then today it started shaking which is something I am not used to. So first thing tomorrow morning it is going to the shop at KIA. Maybe it has heard me saying I want to trade it. November will be 2 years. It's time don't you think?

Tomorrow night, we are going to the fair. We always get very excited about the fair. Of course, it is going to be hard to stay on my eating plan at the fair. I am pretty sure there are no fats, oils, grease or sugar allowed on the plan. That is why I definitely have to get some exercise in some time tomorrow. Mental note: take walking shoes that way if they end up keeping my car, I can always go for a walk. Easier said than done.

I will let you know if I make it.

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