Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Okay, I know why I am losing all my hair. Her name is SARAH!!!! I just found out tonight that she has gotten her name on the board for the THIRD time. So let's think this out... Three weeks in school ... name on the board three times. I finally went by and talk to her teacher on Friday. I wanted to let her know that I would help in any way I could to get her on the right track. I think I have put a little too much blame on the other little girl. Turns out Sarah is the one getting her own self in trouble. It's at carpet time. When they go to the carpet, Sarah and this little girl start talking. When they are told to stop, the other little girl stops; Sarah does not. So now my frustration builds and builds and builds. The teacher assures me she will involve me if needed. But right now it is just a "social" thing. Sarah is just very sociable. I just want to "nip it in the bud" now. Seriously, what I want to do is be a fly on the wall that morphes into Mean Mommy when she continues to get in trouble. That way I can have a paddle handy and whack her on the backside. That's what I want to do.

I guess I should give Bethany her time as well. My problems with her are this... she has to know EVERY night where I am going to be and what I am going to be doing. And I can't just say "in the kitchen." I have to specify whether I will be on the computer or washing dishes, etc. The other thing is that if we go downstairs to watch a movie after they are put to bed, her stomach starts to hurt and she gags and is hanging her head over the toilet. So now we wait until they are good and asleep before we go down. Only sometimes it takes them awhile before they are good and asleep.

I tell you these KIDS are driving me bananas.

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carolina chic said...

We are off to a rough start as well...same problems with a certain young girl. Why does my daughter feel like she has to be friends with someone who makes fun of her, lies about her and tries to get other children to pick on her? We had a much of tears yesterday afternoon, her and I!